A framework to write 100% Java-based plug-ins and extensions for the GIMP and Film GIMP


  • Plug-ins for the GIMP can be written in Java and use Java's existing set of widgets for the plug-in's user interface. One of the included sample plug-ins (see figure to the right) displays a plug-in dialog box using Swing widgets, complete with a real-time preview
  • Java applications can use the GIMP as an image manipulation "engine," essentially embedding the GIMP's capabilities in the Java application. Possible uses of this capability include:
    • Creating new graphics applications in Java using the GIMP to perform the underlying image manipulation
    • Server-client architectures where JGimp is used to wrap a server around the GIMP's capabilities. Client applications, such as applets or web-based applications can access the server across the network
Two sample plug-ins illustrate how to use this architecture to write plug-ins, ImageDividerPlugIn and DesaturatePlugIn. These plug-ins demonstrate all the aspects necessary to write a Java-based plug-in: how it is installed in the GIMP, how to make PDB calls, and how to read and write pixels from images in the GIMP.

Latest News

JGimp 0.8.5 with Windows Installer Available
Posted by: scrumpty

We are pleased to announce the availability of a Windows installer for JGimp, an architecture that allows developers to create Java- and Jython-based plug-ins and extensions to the GIMP. The installation includes everything you need to run JGimp: the GIMP, Sun's Java Runtime Environment, JGimp, Jython, and javadocs. The full Windows package is available at http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~mterry/jgimp . Source for the Linux version is available at http://jgimp.sourceforge.net/download.php .

JGimp 0.8.3 Support for new Windows installer
Posted by: scrumpty

This version of JGimp fixes a number of bugs so we can create a complete standalone installer of the GIMP, JGimp, a Java Runtime Environment (JRE), and Jython. The full installer will be available soon!

JGimp Release: Improved Jython Scripting Support
Posted by: scrumpty

Version 0.8.2 of JGimp has been released, offering improved support for writing Jython scripts.


JGimp screenshot
Screenshot of a Java-based plug-in (a simple desaturation filter) open within the GIMP. The GIMP's main window is in the upper-left, the current image in the center, and the Java-based filter (using Swing widgets for the interface) in the bottom-right. JGimp allows developers to create plug-ins (e.g., filters) and extensions for the GIMP in pure Java.

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